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LABEESITY is the outcome of rigorous scientific research that took over five years to achieve the desired level of effectiveness for weight loss without the undesirable side effects linked to most weight loss products today. Through pre-clinical and human studies, the results indicated significant reductions in the percentage of body weight, body mass index (BMI) and visceral fat in the test subjects.

The studies have also further reinforced/concluded on the following benefit of Labeesity:

100% Natural Herbal

Labeesity (Patent No. WO 2016093692 A1) is a natural herbal extract made from Standardised Kacip Fatimah Extract (SKF7) with each capsule containing a minimum of 4.5% Gallic Acid. It has been proven by numerous researches that Gallic Acid effectively promotes weight loss, is high in anti-oxidant and contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been found that Gallic Acid derived from Kacip Fatimah has a higher degree of efficacy for weight loss and cardiovascular health compared to Pure Gallic Acid.

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LABEESITY® Uniqueness

Standardised Kacip Fatimah Extract (SKF7™)

LABEESITY® contains SKF7™ which is a Standardised Herbal Extract. Standardisation provides consistency of active compounds in every capsule to ensure quality, efficacy and safety. Each capsule of LABEESITY® is standardised to a minimum of 4.5% Gallic Acid, which is the main active natural compounds of Kacip Fatimah (Labisia pumila).

There are multiple natural compounds that work synergistically for weight reduction and other benefits in our proprietary SKF7™ extract. Using our PhytoProfile™ technology we screen and profile for at least 7 marker compounds on with every batch of LABEESITY® to ensure consistency.

Unlike other weight loss products, LABEESITY® has no negative side effects such as diarrhoea, vomiting, headache, heart palpitation and dry mouth/lips.

Over and above weight loss, initial market feedback has indicated a number of other positive outcomes of LABEESITY such as improved skin, reduced hunger pangs at mealtimes (hence lesser food intake) and higher energy levels/the ability to work longer hours.

How does LABEESITY® work?

LABEESITY® works synergistically in multiple ways to support your weight loss goals:

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Blocks fat storage:

Blocks fat accumulation and formation in the body through the inhibition of adipogenesis activity.

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Inhibits fat cells from growing:

Inhibits fat cells expansion and multiplication by preventing vessel growth to adipose or fat tissue.

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Blocks dietary fat from being absorbed:

Blocks some dietary fat from being absorbed by mildly inhibiting the
pancreatic lipase enzymes.

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Appetite regulator:

Regulates your appetite resulting in a reduced food or total caloric

user experiences

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I used to eat a lot. Now with LABEESITY, my appetite is regulated and I only eat enough before I feel full and have less cravings"

— ZainEngineer

Before i eat LABEESITY, my weight is around 60 to 61 kg. After 1 month of using LABEESITY, my weight is now at 55 to 56 kg."

— HasTeacher

I lost 5kg in one month and now my waist is down from 130cm to 121cm. My hips also down from 130cm to 126cm. I am so Happy I've taken LABEESITY."

— DanialOffice Clerk

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60 Capsules per box

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60 Capsules per box

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