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While LABEESITY® does not have any negative side effects, its effectiveness may vary from one person to another. You can achieve your desired weight loss with LABEESITY® without abruptly changing your lifestyle (i.e. with regard to your normal food consumption and activities).

However it is important to monitor its effects on you. For faster results and improved overall fitness & well-being, take LABEESITY® daily while performing regular exercises and adhering to a healthy diet by reducing your refined carbohydrate (such as sugar, white bread etc.), fried and processed food intake.

If you have any questions or concerns about the product usage or whishes to share your usage experience, please contact us through our Careline Number at +603-55235161

You can also contact us through email here.

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I used to eat a lot. Now with LABEESITY, my appetite is regulated and I only eat enough before I feel full and have less cravings"

— ZainEngineer

Before i eat LABEESITY, my weight is around 60 to 61 kg. After 1 month of using LABEESITY, my weight is now at 55 to 56 kg."

— HasTeacher

I lost 5kg in one month and now my waist is down from 130cm to 121cm. My hips also down from 130cm to 126cm. I am so Happy I've taken LABEESITY."

— DanialOffice Clerk

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60 Capsules per box

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60 Capsules per box

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