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Does LABEESITY work?

Yes. As seen on our LABEESITY COMMUNITY page, our customers have chosen LABEESITY, which is designed especially to enhance the effectiveness of a balanced diet and exercise plan, to help their goal in losing weight healthily. Remember to use LABEESITY as directed on the label.

How fast will LABEESITY start working?

After the intake, you’ll experience lesser hungry pangs as LABEESITY works as an appetite regulator.

*Variables such as the level of activities and the consistency of diet have to be considered when using the product.

Is there really a research that shows the key ingredient in LABEESITY works?

Yes. Experimental group VS. Controlled group for 45 days. Both groups followed a caloriereduced diet and performed moderate exercise.


LABEESITY is 100% natural. It is safe to be consumed by healthy adults when used as directed on the label. LABEESITY products go through a rigorous quality control process (click here to read more).

What are the side effects of using LABEESITY?

LABEESITY is safe to be used. Please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns on the consumption of LABEESITY supplement as part of your diet routine.

Can I use LABEESITY with other supplement products together?

*Client to Advise further*

Another great and simple reason to introduce LABEESITY into your daily routine!

How long can I take LABEESITY?

For best results, use LABEESITY for 45 days with a calorie-reduced diet and exercises plan or any regular cardio activities.

Do you have real-life “before and after” people that were successful on the program?

Yes. View their amazing weight loss journeys on the LABEESITY COMMUNITY page at our website by clicking here.

How can I see reviews from people who have tried LABEESITY?

Our customer’s reviews are available on our product pages.

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I used to eat a lot. Now with LABEESITY, my appetite is regulated and I only eat enough before I feel full and have less cravings"

— ZainEngineer

Before i eat LABEESITY, my weight is around 60 to 61 kg. After 1 month of using LABEESITY, my weight is now at 55 to 56 kg."

— HasTeacher

I lost 5kg in one month and now my waist is down from 130cm to 121cm. My hips also down from 130cm to 126cm. I am so Happy I've taken LABEESITY."

— DanialOffice Clerk

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60 Capsules per box

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