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Kacip Fatimah

Healthy Weight Loss

for Men and Women

Labisia pumila or Kacip Fatimah, is a native South East Asian plant found in its lowlands and forest floors. For over 400 years, it has been used as traditional medicine for both men and women for multiple treatments including toning and firming the abdominal area.

LABEESITY® offers a healthy weight management solution which is safe and scientifically proven. No weight rebound, no side effects and without the need for drastic dietary changes.

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Herbal Extract

First of Its Kind SKF7™

LABEESITY® contains SKF7™ which is a Standardised Kacip Fatimah Extract (Labisia pumila). Standardisation provides consistency of active compounds in every capsule to ensure quality, efficacy and safety.

Each vegetable capsule of LABEESITY® is standardised to a minimum of 4.5% Gallic Acid, which is one of the main active natural compounds of Labisia pumila.

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Side Effects

100% Natural

LABEESITY® is unlike other weight loss products. It has no negative side effects such as diarrhoea, vomiting, headache, heart palpitation and dry mouth/lips and contains no stimulants (such as caffeine).

LABEESITY® capsules contain 100% natural standardized extract derived only from Labisia pumila herb with no mixture of other plants or herbs.

LABEESITY® have also passed regulatory screenings by Malaysian and Singaporean authorities for safety and meets the requirements for USFDA GRAS Notification and approval by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) as Novel Food.

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Multiple Benefits

Scientifically and Clinically Proven

Healthy Weight Loss. Inhibits visceral fat accumulation with no side effects. Prolongs satiety and regulates appetite to control daily calorie intake.

Vitality and Energy Booster. Increases energy and muscle strength, improves mental focus and mood. More calories are burned when our energy level is increased for our activities.

Anti-Oxidants and Anti-Inflammatory. Supports the recovery and relief of body pain and aches. Improves overall body health.

Prevents premature ageing. Reduces cellulites appearance and improves total skin condition.

Reproductive Health. Improves men’s libido and fertility and regulates women’s reproductive health, menstrual cycle and hormonal balance.

Real Stories from Real People

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I used to eat a lot. Now with LABEESITY, my appetite is regulated and I only eat enough before I feel full and have less cravings"

— ZainEngineer

Before i eat LABEESITY, my weight is around 60 to 61 kg. After 1 month of using LABEESITY, my weight is now at 55 to 56 kg."

— HasTeacher

I lost 5kg in one month and now my waist is down from 130cm to 121cm. My hips also down from 130cm to 126cm. I am so Happy I've taken LABEESITY."

— DanialOffice Clerk

I lost 10 kg and now I have less hunger pags. After I stop taking LABEESITY, my weight remains the same. Now I'm taking another round of LABEESITY to lose another 10 kgs. Wish me luck ?"


I've taken LABEESITY for a week now and I have more energy now. Now, I can even run for 6km nonstop."

— Dr. SophiMedical Doctor

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60 Capsules per box

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60 Capsules per box

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